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Hienoja skämmerinimiä Oikeastikin minua on näissä merkeissä lähestynyt mm. herra Eme Kalu. Jos englantilaiseen tapaan sanan alussa oleva 'E' ääntyy iinä, niin siinäpä kuvaava nimi herran ammattiin nähden

I do not intend to take your time unduly as this is
not a financial plea.I am the son to the late
foreign affairs minister of the Federal Republic
Of Zaire, Dr. Pinga Kasenda.

I am moved to write you this letter considering my
present circumstance(to be disclosed in detail),
as I managed to escape to the Netherlands, in Europe
for safety, while my mother and two sisters escaped
to Abidjan, Cote Devoire to settle.

I chose to escape to the Netherlands to carry out the
transfer of a deposited sum($14.5million)in a finance institution,
made by my late father,before his death.
On presenting the relevant documents, as the sole
beneficiary,I was refused the claim base on age and not
having a valid account to transfer this sum to.

Hence,I am soliciting your assistance ONLY to provide an
outstanding account for this transfer.
Note;you will not be required to make any payment of
any form as I and my mother have reserved a good amount for the
miscellaneous expense(s) that might be involved.Ofcourse,you will
be compensated on successful completion of this transaction.

Please,keep confidential as I am presently in the refugee camp in
the Netherlands,with routine restriction on my movement.
I can easily be contacted for details/documents at;

Thanks in anticipation.
Wanami Kasenda

Lähettäkääpä piruuttanne noille takaisin joku "olet juuri voittanut nettilotossa, johon et koskaan ole osallistunut, kolmetuhattaa miljoonaa biljoonaa. Lähetä meille vain muutama satanen, jotta voimme tehdä siirron" viesti, joita luultavasti myös on teille tullu..


Omalla nimellä tuli tämmöinen, sopii hyvin harrastukseen  


Thomas Diarra, the director of projects of the Federal Ministry of Aviation in Togo


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