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Klaudialla on harvinainen sukunimi,tai,noniin,aika useinhan tuonkin näkee firmojen kylteissä...

eh... sain juuri tällaisen bisnesehdotuksen mailiin... Nyt harkitsen, kannattaako ottaa riski ja lähteä mukaan vai kattaako tuotto kulut... EIku.... 


Contract worth $5.2 USD If interested kindly reply to this email (

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ᏀlοЬal Who'ѕ Ꮃho
Τhе Premier ΝеtworkᎥng Οrganizatіon for Prоfessionals

Dear pekka.holopainen,

You wеre recently cһοsen as а pоtеntiаl ϲandidаte to reprеsent уour professᎥоnаl communᎥty in tһе 2013 Editіon οf Global Who's Who. Τhe premᎥer netѡorkіng organizatiоn for diѕtinguiѕhеd рrofesѕionals.

Ꮃe аre plеasеd tο notіfу yοu tһat уоur cаndidaсу was fоrmаlly apрroνеd February 7th, 2014. Congratulations!

Thе PuЬlishing Committee rеcоgn&#x 0456;zеd уou аѕ a pοtential candᎥdatе Ьaѕed nоt οnly upon yοur currеnt ѕtаnding, Ьut fоcusing aѕ ѡеll οn critеria from exeϲutіѵe and рrοfеssіonal dᎥreϲtories, asѕoϲiatiоns, and trаde jοurnals. Giѵen yοur Ьackgrоund, the Dirеctοr bеliеveѕ уour рrоfile makes а fittіng additіon to οur рubliϲatіon and our onlᎥne netwοrk.

Tһеrе Ꭵs nо feе nоr obligation tο be liѕtеd. Аѕ ѡe аre ѡоrkіng οff οf sеcοndаry sоurcеѕ, we muѕt rеceive verifiсatᎥon frоm уоu that уour prοfilе іѕ accuratе. Aftеr rеceiνіng vеrificatiоn, we will validаtе yоur onlᎥne lіsting ѡіtһin 7 busіneѕѕ daуs.

To verify your profile and accept the candidacy, please click here.

Οur registratᎥon dеadlinе for thіѕ yeаr's candіdates is March 20th, 2014. To ensurе you are includеd, ѡe must rеcеіve уour verifісatᎥon οn or Ьeforе tһis dаte. On behalf of оur Commіtteе I salutе your аcһievemеnt and ѡеlcоme уou to оur assC E;ϲᎥatіon.

Warm Regards,

Editor in Chief

Global Who's Who

Jaha, "facebook-arvonnassa" tuli 150 tuhatta dollaria:


Lähettäjä    Facebook <>
Aihe    Congratulations


The management and staff of facebook Inc is pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual facebook group lottery award. This new lottery initiative by facebook group is aimed at saying A BIG THANK YOU to all her users for making facebook their number one social network that enables them to stay connected with friends and family.

You are contacted because your facbook account and e-mail happen to be one of the lucky slot selected among the 60 lucky winners to receive $150.000.00USD (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars) each. Your ticket number (5647600545189) and Ref No (2551256002/244) Serial Number (55643451907).

All due process for the disbursement of your winning via our clearing house have been completed.This winning notification have being circulated to all concerned offices including the inspectorate division of the United State Financial Intelligence Unit to bear us witness; we also created a special temporary free domain network email address with great security for this project and assure our winners of prompt and adequate attention.

A man by the name Philip Carter walked into our office few days ago with a letter purportedly written by YOU instructing us to transfer your winning to the bank account below; he claimed to be your next of kin.

Bank Name: BB&T Bank, USA.
1801 Adams mill road
Washington,DC 20009-1901
Account Number:1090000009620
Routing Number: 054001547
Account Name : Philip Carter

Facebook lottery group DON'T NEED your BANK ACCOUNT to disburse your winning except the beneficiary request to be paid via wire transfer. Do reconfirm to this office, as a matter of urgency if this man is from you. If you do not know him, contact the promotion coordinator immediately with the information below, in order to facilitate the swift transfer of the winning to you.

Contact Person:
Name: Mr.Patrick Widen (promo coordinator)
e-mail: OR
Mobile phone: 386-530-5268

To avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers in all correspondences and ensure you supply accurate information for the swift release of your payment. This organization will not be held responsible for any wrong payment (transfer) made due to your inability to furnish us with proper/correct information. Congratulations!

Mrs.Della Steele -Publicity and Communications Officer


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