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voitit yhdeksänsataatuhatta dollarin Microsoftilta, lähetä nimi, maa ja puh
Helppoa rahaa tiedossa! 

Roskapostia selaillessa törmäsin tämmöiseen Kiinnostavaa miten nimi sähköpostiosoitteessa on eri kuin kaveri johon käsketään ottaa yhteyttä En kuitenkaan ottanut yhteyttä

Attn Dear Friend Good Day.

Compliment of the season,

How are you today together with your family, I trust that everything is
fine, I hope this mail meets you in a perfect condition. You may not
understand why this mail came to you today. But if you do not remember me,
you might have received an email from me 3 years ago regarding a Bank to
Bank wire transfer proposal which we never concluded. I am using this
medium to inform you that the Bank to Bank wire transfer business has been
concluded with another person who financed it to a logical conclusion. I
thank you for you're great effort to our unfinished transfer of funds into
your account due to one reason or the other best known to you.

But I want to inform you that I have successfully transferred the fund out
of the bank to my new partner's account in Qatar that was capable of
assisting me in this great venture. Due to your effort, sincerity, courage
and trustworthiness you showed during the course of the transaction I want
to compensate you and show my gratitude to you with the sum of $1.7MILLION
USD and I deposited the certified cheque with my work partner who works as
manager at Western Union Office in Republic of Benin before I made my trip
down here in Western Asia.

My work partner has helped me to send the first $5000 to you through
Western Union Money Transfer, so contact Western Union Agent Mr. Hugo
Fletcher for your payment, and I will advice you to ask the Western Union
management what you need to do before they can allow you pick up the first
$5000 payment today.

Contact person: Mr. Hugo Fletcher

This is the sender's full name for the first transfer they made to you (
DEBORAH ALFREDO),Ask the Western Union management to give you the MTCN
(Money Transfer Control Number), Question and Answer code, to pick up the
$5000 from any outlet Western Union store in your city, I instructed them
to keep sending you $5000 daily till the payment of $1.7MILLION USD is
completed. Again re-confirm to the Western Union management your Full Name,
Telephone number and Address so that they will be sure of whom they are
dealing with. For your information they can only transfer 3 parts of
payments to you everyday which is $15,000.00 United States Dollars.


Full Name
Zip Code
Full Address
Contact Phone

Please try to indicate this code when contacting Western Union Management
to avoid any mistake. Here is the code. (AQHKG) also use it as your
subject. Remember without this Code they can't release any payment to you
so ensure that you contact them with the Code and try to comply with their
instruction. I am currently in Qatar to set up a project.

Please don't forget to ask the Western Union Management what you need to do
to enable them validate your transfer file, because I am sure as a new
customer, you are to take care of administrative charge so they can process
the validation of your payment file through their head Office.

Yours Sincerely
Phillip Cooke Jones
Former MD Western Union Office Republic of Benin

Nyt pääsen helppoon duuniin  Mistäköhän ne ovat minun CV:n löytäneet kun en ole sellaista edes tehnyt?

We have reviewed your profile, and concluded you are the right person to become our employee in our advertising Company.

We have reviewed your CV and would like to announce you a career in clerical and administrative services at our Team in the European Union. The ideal candidate must be attentive to details, and deadline oriented. 
Main requirements:
- Speaking and writing English
- PC user skills
- Outstanding communication skills

At Group we provide an encouraging working environment. The position  provides an attractive performance related commission as well as a base salary and the support of our global experts at all times. No direct sales involved, no fees asked for at any stage of working process. Flexible working hours, part time and full time available. If you are attracted to joining the organization where input matters, please email back and we will provide you further information on this career.
Thank You,
Human Resources dep.

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