Wilco Airbus A300-600 / FS2004



no, i am not announcing the developement of an Airbus 300-600 from Wilco. This is just my own creation. Now i will describe what it is.

- Panel of Wilco Airbus A330 (yes i know, A300 is steam gauge but there isnt any panel with good fmc so now you can fly the A300 with new panel)
- Lufthansa and Airbus textures
- original Airbus A300 sound

I made that cause of my love to the 306. My company Lufthansa is at the moment sorting out the A300 and that makes me sad. I always wanted to fly that in the simulator but as far as i know, there is no FMC panel for that baby. I could use FSNavigator but for me, this is no option. I like to sit there for minutes before taking off and put in my route,...
I also made that A340 panel in that wilco A380 but this is just horrible due to the bad performance of the engines. This A300 now works very well. No altitude overshooting and stuff. The model is by HNAC and looks okay, i just have to change some light positions (At the vertical stabilizer). There will be an update here soon.

CAUTION!!!! You need Wilco Airbus Series 2 for this modification. This only works with FS2004 yet or maybe also with FSX but i dont have that so i cannot test it.

***File will be updated soon***

Hope you have fun

/rmk: dont forget to check your aircraft weight.. in standard fs2004 configuration, it will be too heavy !


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