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12. lokakuuta 2010 - Milan Malpensa RFE


Milano Malpensa Real Flight Event 2010

IVAO Italy division is proud to announce:

Malpensa RFE

Through the scheduling system KLIK HERE you'll be able to schedule one of the many scheduled or chartered flights.

All pilots participating the event will be awarded the Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award

To get the award you must make 1 flight at least 400nm long or 2 flights of any length.

All ATCs participating the event will be get 1 POINT towards the 10 required to get the ATC Events Award

To participate as ATCs send an e-mail to it-aoc@ivao.aero , or limm-ch@ivao.aero , limm-ach@ivao.aero .

Very important: please, BOOK YOUR FLIGHT(S), NON-scheduled flights will be diverted to LIML-LIPZ. NO EXCEPTIONS

Tapahtuman nettisivut varauslistoineen: http://www.ivao.it/web/index.php?option=com_timetable&eid=12&task=flightlist&baseairport=LIMC&deparr=d

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23. lokakuuta 2010 - The Real Manchester


IVAO UK's legendary "Real Airport" event is back, and this time we're going to Manchester!

On Saturday 23rd October, between 13z and 19z choose from any of the 200 real flights which will be on offer. Whether you have a preference for short or long haul, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone at this event.

ATC will be provided from a live ACC in West Sussex with over 14 active positions!

If you like to be number 4 on the ILS, taxi behind 4 other aircraft towards the runwayor join a holding pattern with several other aircraft, then this is the event for you.

Make sure you're there, we're waiting.

For more information, please see the event web page : http://ivao.co.uk/events/166

Important Information

Booking for this event is unlike any other. Up until 1 hour before the event, you can only register an interest in a flight. Up to 3 people may register an interest for any one flight.

On the day of the event, 5 hours before each flight is due to depart, an email will be sent to the first person who registered an interest in that flight. The email will contain a validation link which will confirm that person would still like to fly that particular flight. Please Note - You will only have 4 hours from the moment the email is sent to confirm your attendance. If after 4 hours, no confirmation is received, an email will be sent to the 2nd and 3rd people telling them that the flight is available and to visit the website and book it if they would like to. Either person can book the flight, it depends who books it through the booking system first. Anyone else viewing the booking system at that time may also book the flight.

When selecting your flight, pay careful attention to the slot time. As we are using real flight schedules with a large number of flights, delays are inevitable. As a result, we have simulated the delays that each aircraft had.

- Slot Times in green have a take off time that is between -5 minutes and +10 minutes of the ETD, thus are not classed as having a delay.
- Slot times in blue have a take off that is more than 5 minutes prior to the ETD, thus are classed as early.
- Slot times in red have a take off time that is more than 10 minutes after the ETD, thus are classed as delayed flights.

It is important that the slot times are adhered to. ETD and ETA times are for reference ONLY. You must take off at the Slot time. (Remember, you must be airborne between -5 minutes and +10 minutes of your slot time or a new time has to be assigned.)

When departing, you should plan to pushback between 15 and 20 minutes before your slot.

Due to the expected volume of traffic only flights listed on our schedule will be guaranteed a landing slot at Manchester. All other flights may be accepted subject to slot availability but could be diverted to Liverpool, Heathrow, Birmingham or Stansted.

When booking flights, if it turns out you are number 2 or 3 in the queue for a flight, we would strongly suggest that you book another flight just in case to avoid disappointment.

We also realise that if you don't get the flight you wanted, it is very tempting to fly a non scheduled flight. We can't stress enough that we would prefer you to fly a flight within our schedules. Non scheduled flights put a HUGE strain on the system and we cannot guarantee that they will all be able to land at Manchester.

Tapahtuman nettisivut varauslistoineen: http://ivao.co.uk/events/166

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19.-21. marraskuuta 2010 - Three Alliance Event (CZ, SK, HU)


Divisions of Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary have prepared an event far from ordinary right for you! „Three Alliance“ event brings you full ATC coverage within our divisions including popular real flight operations.

The event starts on friday 19th november 2010 at 17:00 UTC when Czech division comes online. Slovak and Hungarian divisions join next day, 20th november 2010, at 10:00 UTC.
Czech division then ends on saturday at 23:00 UTC, Slovak and Hungarian divisions on sunday at 10:00 UTC.

We point out, that each division will control from one room! That provides better coordination between ATC positions, and of course is bit closer to real ATC operations. You can watch our hard work during an event on provided webcams.

Tapahtuman nettisivut varauslistoineen: http://30hrs.ivao.cz/?p=booking

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27. marraskuuta 2010 - RFO Barcelona


The airport of Barcelona, commonly known as El Prat Airport, is located 10KM south east of Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain) near El Prat de Llobregat and Sant Boi towns.
   Barcelona El Prat is the second biggest airport in Spain, behind Madrid-Barajas, and the biggest one of Catalonia. It is the main hub of Spanair and Vueling, and an important destination for Iberia and Air Europa. Domestic and European flights are mainly operated in Barcelona, but there are also flights to the Asian Southeast, Latin America and North America.
   The flight service between Barcelona-Madrid, known as the "Air Bridge" (or "Puente aéreo" in Spanish) was the busiest route untill 2008, registering the highest amount of flight operations in 2007 (971 operations per week). This fact has been reduced since February 2008 due to the opening of the High Speed train line between this two cities, covering the distance in just 2 hours and 40 minutes.
   The next 27th of November, between 0600Z and 2000Z IVAO Spain and its events department will organise and event consisting of a Real Flight Operations simulation in the airport of Barcelona- El Prat (LEBL)
   More than 600 departing and arriving flights will be held during the event, simulating the real operations of the same day in the real life. A group of designated controllers will be waiting you for the funnier and more real event in IVAO-ES.
   Enjoy one of the maximun-reality simulation situation.

Tapahtuman nettisivut: http://www.ivao.es/uploads/98177fd6238a3d1d842c78526aa58d13.html
Varauslistat: http://www.ivao.aero/login1.asp?XURL=http://rfo.ivao.es/BCN2010/login.php

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6. helmikuuta 2011 - Real Flights Event Amsterdam


Dear Pilots,

After a long period of hard work, we prepare ourselves for perhaps the biggest event of 2011 already we present the‘Real Flights Event Amsterdam’ .

On Sunday the 6th February from 0300Z till 2300Z we simulates the real flight schedule of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Almost 1000 flights can be booked and on this way you can even fly more realistic on IVAO. You also will experience more and realistic ATC positions  that also being used in real-life

Tapahtuman nettisivut ja varauslistat: http://rfeams.justinvdoosten.nl/index.php

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