Latest News from Cirrus Air. June 2009.


Hyde Park, IL
The officials at Chicago-based Cirrus Air have announced today that it will soon be expanding it's operations to a brand new base of operations in the southern United States. The new 'Focus City' will be based at Jacksonville International Airport in Jacksonville, FL. Also on the list of announcements are two hot destinations that will start seeing service this summer. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport will start seeing service from their new Jacksonville base and Seattle-Tacoma International will be serviced from Cirrus' main hub in Chicago.

Along with news of expansion to more airports around the country, Cirrus Air has also announced the addition of several new planes to it's fleet. To the All-Airbus fleet, officials say they have on order 3 Airbus A320 aircraft and 2 Airbus A319; bringing the total fleet size to 10. Even in a troubled industry this airline seems to be thriving with success. I'm betting it's safe to say this is only the beginning of a long success story that is Cirrus Air.

Tim Lawrence
Chicago Times

Cirrus has a lot to offer and in the near future even more. Along with all the expansions we are also working on a totally brand new website system that is being custom made just for Cirrus Air! Fleet Installers for both FS9/FSX are also in the works and brand new AI Traffic is on the way aswell.

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A note to Mikael Gerner. I do only fly for them. Please don't ask me about the expansion.



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