MTL for IVAO / want to cross the atlantic !


Ok hi guys,...
next weekend, i will fly from paris to new york.. nothing special you might think, but if you see what kinda aircraft i am using, you might be surprised

I will fly nothing else than the Spirit of St. Louis. Estimated flighttime: 33hours 30minutes. Here are more informations: (Btw: you also have it in your flightsimulator list.. its a standard aircraft) rmk/ it has no autopilot so i will fly all the time manually !

I will fly in ivao. The problem is, that they dont have some MTL so i asked them to add one to their library. Marcel Maas from the IVAO MTL Team replied on my email i sent him with the following text:


Hi Tebin,

If you can give us a download source where we can get this aircraft as a model
we might be able to put it in.

But I was not able to find one which was suitable to put in the MTL.

Marcel Maas

Ok, now you maybe see my problem. Could someone help me to create or find a MTL file for that aircraft?

ps: if someone wants to join me in the skies, i would be very happy.. will be boring to fly that long time without autopilot and nothing else to do than sitting in front of my pc =D (well i have ofc my girlfriend.. she supports me with making coffee all the time)

Current supporters:

my girlfriend
ivao mtl-team
alex kontio (sent me some coffee)

Crazy man!


(well i have ofc my girlfriend.. she supports me with making coffee all the time)

I'll send u some Presidentti coffee.   

You're awesome  ! I send you some virtual coffee .

Now thats what i īve call spirit , Good luck

Ps post this topic in Ivao forum as well, you might get more response there


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