Tikkakoski misplaced?


First, I'd like to thank very much all the designers who make Finland look so beautiful in FS (Im' not finnish, I'm french but I think Finland is a great place to fly in FS with all tha add-ons created for it). Nevertheless, I think there is an issue with the city of Tikkakoski: I use all the FISD add-ons available (Finn objects, landclass...) but this city seems to be misplaced, it should be situated in the south-west of the airfield and it appears to be in the north of this airfield... is there a way to change this?
I' ve never flown over Finland with the standard FS scenery so I don't know if it was already the case in its original FS reproduction...
To me, this Tikkakoski issue is only a small one compared to the work that has been done by all the designers, many thanks to you all again, flying runway patterns from Malmi (EFHF) with the photoreal scenery is a really great experience!
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