New, just for fun, kind of niched virtual airline - Skydive VA


Hi guys!

Just added a new VA. The reason for it was that as a real skydiver I enjoy flying skydive lifts in FS too and wanted to share the fun exciting thing about this with the rest of the community. Sounds interesting, give it a try.

(I know it's a work in progress and just for fun so please no comments about its basic form)

Special but a very good idea!

Not to busy yet though The thing is that there are such a lot of different planes to fly for this kind of VA, the PAC, Cessnas, Twin Otter, Beavers and much more Att Elsinore they even fly a dc9

Like this dc9-14 over Lake Eslinore (Perris Valley) there is actually a cool scenery And that is one kick-ass plane up to 14 000ft in not too many minutes hehe


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