IVAO+VATSIM: Pilot in Command 2009 Online Flight Competition (5th-9th Aug 09)




Finnish Virtual Aviators' Association, in cooperation with Finnair Flight Training Center, Airport Hotel Bonus Inn and Flight1 Software, welcomes you to participate the ultimate online flight simulation race on 5th - 9th August 2009! The best pilots of the race will get incredible prizes - the winner gets to fly the D-level flight simulators at Finnair Flight Training Center! And the best: participating the race is completely free of charge and you can do it at your home in both VATSIM and/or IVAO networks.

Round-trip Europe is the second flight simulation online race hosted by Finnish Virtual Aviatorís Association. In this year, it will be a challenge of fortune but only those who find the best strategy are able to compete for the victory!

The computer will randomly select interesting routes between major airports in Europe. The contestant should fly the given flights during the competition period. Planning carefully the order of competition flights, taking benefits of all provided ATC service on your self-selected transfer flights and making correct tactical decisions when and where to draw more flights to your flight list, will guarantee the status as a Pilot in Command 2009!

Read more about the rules, check out the exciting prizes and dry-run the flight raffle process trying different routing strategies at the competition website at www.cavok.fi/pic2009 .

We hope to see all of you participating this ultimate flight simulator competition during the contest period on 5th - 9th August 2009!


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