Scandinavian Online Day, Every Sunday in Scandinavia!!!



vACCSCA would like to invite ALL pilots on VATSIM to visit one or more of our major airports.

Every sunday(if we don't have another big event in Scandinavia) we will staff our major airports with ATC, and let all pilots try out of proffesional and happy ATC!

Why not fly between our major airports?

Expect staffing at our major airports:

Stockholm-Arlanda, Sweden (ESSA / ARN)

Oslo-Gardermoen, Norway (ENGM / OSL)

Copenhagen-Kastrup, Denmark (EKCH / CPH)

For more information, please check and for airport information please visit

Fly to one of these airports, and expect proffesional ATC. We appreciate all traffic, as we can get!

So, we hope to see you on sunday between 1800z and 2000z. :-)


The Scandinavian ATC Team


Remember, that tonight its only scandinavian charts in the cockpits!

Scandinavian Online Day has its first evening tonight and there is already a lot of movment, come check it out!!!

Once again its sunday and with every sunday comes SCANDINAVIAN ONLINE DAY!!!

so come fly to Scandinavian airports tonight between 17-19z

Because we will have some CPT's during the next 4 weeks in Scandinavia,
the next Scandinavian Online Day will be on the
11th of october 2009!

But there will still be alot of friendly atc in Scandinavia during these CPT's events.
For more information visit VACCSA´s envent calender:


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