[VATSIM] Gardermoen 24-hour Real Time 2009



Once again, it is time for the Flightsim LAN Gardermoen (FLG).
This is the third time this event will undergo, and the keywords are:
Bigger and Better!

The two previous years on vatsim, we've had a so-called Gardermoen Overload,
where we staffed the airport to it's maximum for several hours each night,
but this year we've decided to take it one step further.

Scandinavian vACC and the FLG-team presents: Gardermoen 24 hour real time 2009!
The date has been set to Friday, october 9 at 1800z to october 10, 1800z.
The ATC staffing will vary depending on the scheduled traffic,
so during heavy traffic periods, full staffing of all sectors will be provided.

The flight bookings will open at september 12, at 1800z at www.vaccsca.org/event
Get ready to book your favorite flight!

Oslo Airport is the capital airport of Norway.
The airport served 19 million passengers in 2008.
The airport has been rewarded with the AEA (Association of European Airlines)
award for most punctual airport in Europe.
Will the vACCSCA staff live up to this reputation?

The ATC staffing will be provided from controllers actually
present at Oslo airport Gardermoen, in the "control tower" at the annual FLG.
Book your flights, and make the controllers sweat!


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