IVAO UK | The Real Gatwick | 26/09/09


IVAO UK Staff:

The United Kingdom division of IVAO once again brings you The Real Gatwick!. For a 6 hour period on Saturday 26th September, over 250 flights will be available to fly to make the worlds busiest single runway airport come to life. This is one not to be missed!

From 1300z 1900z, you as a pilot will be able to fly any of the 256 real flights available to book. Whether you like long hauls or short domestic hops, there will be a flight for you.

Our finest ATC will be provided from a live ACC in West Sussex with over 11 active positions.

For more information, please see the event website

During the event, we will be running a datalink clearance system at Gatwick. Full details can be found in the pilot briefing guide. We will also be using a flow management system to help minimise the delays.

If you like to be number 4 on the ILS, taxi behind 5 other aircraft towards the runway or join a holding pattern with several other aircraft, then this is the event for you. Flying with IVAO does not get more real than this.

See you there!

Important Information

Booking for this event is unlike any other. Up until 5 hours before each flight departs, you can only register an interest in a flight. Up to 3 people may register an interest for any one flight.

For more information on our booking system please refer to the event website.

Due to the expected volume of traffic, only flights listed on our schedule will be guaranteed a landing slot at Gatwick. All other flights may be accepted subject to slot availability but could be diverted to Brussels, Heathrow or Stansted.

When booking flights, if it turns out you are number 2 or 3 in the queue for a flight, we would strongly suggest that you book another flight just in case to avoid disappointment.

We also realise that if you don't get the flight you wanted, it is very tempting to fly a non scheduled flight. We can't stress enough that we would prefer you to fly a flight within our schedules. Non scheduled flights put a HUGE strain on the system and we cannot guarantee that they will all be able to land at Gatwick.

The virtual ACC will be held once again in Pulborough, West Sussex and will host all the controllers for Gatwick Airport and London Terminal Control.

Any IVAO UK member is welcome to come to the ACC to control with us. Unfortunately, there is limited space available so you should advise as soon as possible if you wish to attend. Members who would like to open up any other positions within UK airspace may do so from the ACC.

Non controlling visitors and anyone who would like to assist us with flow control and coordination with surrounding airspace are also welcome to come.

If you would like to attend, please email gb-aoc@ivao.aero with details. This will be run on a strict first come first serve basis.


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