VATSIM: [Su 27th Sept 17z-20z] Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA) flyin and CPT in Sweden



Sunday 27th of September 17.00z - 20.00z
Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA) Autumn Equinox fly-in
Håkan Schulz C3 CPT at Sweden Control
Not only marks the autumn equinox the time of year
when day and night are of equal length, but also the
start of the season of more challenging flying conditions.

The season of low visibility, strong winds and heavy
precipitation is ahead.
To celebrate the start of the exciting season we are
delighted to invite you to Stockholm-Arlanda Autumn
Equinox fly-in Sunday 27th of September 17.00z - 20.00z.
Come and experience the feeling of deep concentration
as you try to keep control of your aircraft as it is tossed
around by turbulens and windshear. Stay focussed and
sharpen your vision as you look carefully for runway lights
as they just emerge very shortly before reaching minimum
on final approach. Listen carefully on the ATC frequency
to catch clearances in the busy stream of phrases.
Expect to meet our friendly and professional controllers
covering all major positions at Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA)
as well as nearby Scandinvian hubs Oslo Gardemoen (ENGM)
and Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH).
At the same time Håkan Schulz will meet another kind of
challenge during his C3 CPT at Sweden Control.
Mark Sunday 27th of September 17.00z - 20.00z in your
calendar. Let’s meet the challenge together!
Warmly welcome to join a truely friendly, busy and
exciting VACCSCA event!
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Airport information and charts:
Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA)

Oslo-Gardemoen (ENGM)

Copenhagen-Kastrup (EKCH)


Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

Stockholm-Arlanda (ESSA) is the largest airport in Sweden
located around 20 nautical miles north of Stockholm City.
The airport has 3 runways (01L/19R, 08/26 and 01R/19L),
which gives the necessary capacity to handle the around
220000 movements every year.

Some short interesting facts:
85 airlines fly from Stockholm-Arlanda
65 of these are international routes
179 destinations with direct flights
18.1 million travellers
210000 tonnes goods and mail
35 restaurants/cafées

Further information at:
Stockholm-Arlanda Airport Information



For a pilot pre-flight preparations are essential in order to
be able to bring passengers and cargo safely to the destination.

Close study of current weather conditions at the departure and
arrival airports, careful flightplanning and preparing the aircraft
for departure are keypoints.

Let's get prepared for flying Scandinavia and Stockholm-Arlanda
this Sunday 27th 17z-20z.


Håkan Schulz

Inspiration for reallife flights
Stockholm-Arlanda flights

Scenery for Stockholm-Arlanda:
Stockholm-Arlanda Swedflight scenery 
Mega Airport Stockholm Arlanda

Offical chart for Stockholm-Arlanda are published at:


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