A Unique Virtual Airline, St Paul Airlines


Looking for a very distinctive Virtual Airline?
St Paul Airlines put forward a unique array of thrilling departments so as to satisfy the diverse liking of almost any flight simulation enthusiast:

Regular national, international and intercontinental airline with more than 2’000 different flights on schedule from its three main hubs (Minneapolis / St Paul (KMSP) USA; Miami International (KMIA) USA; London Heathrow (EGLL) UK).
An exceptional WORLDWIDE BUSH & VFR Operations division with already 1’350 flights scheduled and it is active in the following regions and countries: USA, Alaska, Canada, South and Central America, European Alps, Southern Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Caribbean, Nepal, and still growing up.
Seaplane tour in USA.
SPATaxi flights with short hops (about half an hour flight) connecting US and European Intercontinental airports.
International charter flights connected with real World events, fairs and festivals as well as holiday charters and business jet charters.
Angel flights – charity flights.
Multi-players online events.
Round the World and transcontinental tours.

St Paul airlines offers also a complete fleet of dedicated passengers, cargo and bush aircrafts as well as a training department and a very friendly forum…
With St Paul Airlines, keep the dirty side down!

Visit our web site at: http://www.stpaulairlines.com/

Yoland G. St Paul Airlines Special Operations Manager


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