AFCAD for Vantaa1.6


I have downloaded Vantaa1.6 and I am trying to run it in FSX by creating an SBuilderX flatten file and an ADE converted AFCAD file. 

I am having reasonable success with the buildings but I question whether your FS2004 AFCAD in Vantaa 1.6 is the correct one.  It appears to reflect the default layout in FSX with AI aircraft not sitting on their end points of the tracks at the jetways, but coincide with the end points in the FSX default.  I have incorporated your FS2004 AFCAD or have converted it to FSX with ADE, but, in either case, the AI traffic are still not on their end locations and in fact some are buried in the Vantaa 1.6 terminal buildings.buildings, and furthermore the progessive taxi arrows do not coincide with the lines on the taxiways.

Is the included AFCAD working okay in FS2004?



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