[Su 25th Oct 16z-22z] Copenhagen Realtime



Copenhagen Realtime October 25th 2009

We are very delighted to welcome you to yet another realtime event in Copenhagen Airport (EKCH).
The Airport will be fully staffed from 1600 to 2200 UTC with at least 10 ATC positions.
More than 250 domestic and international flights are available for booking, and if you donít find a flight that suits you, you have two opportunities Ė on our booking site there will be a possibility to request a flight, so you can fly your favorite aircraft from your favorite airline. You will still get a SLOT-time and a gate. You can also just drop in, but be aware that you might expect some delay during taxi, takeoff, descend and approach, because booked flights is prioritized to non-booked flights.
We offer you highly realistic, friendly and professional ATC service.
If you have any questions or comments, you are more than welcome to contact the director of VACCSCA, Mikkel Lindgren on e-mail Accsca1(at)vaccsca.org.
See you in Copenhagen on the 25th.

Book your flight on www.vaccsca.org/event/event/realtime

Best regards
The Danish ATC-team of VACCSCA


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