Blue1 Virtual Re-opens!

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Hi folks,

Allow me to invite all of you to the new blue1VA website:

A little history... I felt I'd like to include this to acknowledge the previous members for their time and effort in producing many of the materials on the new site even though they are no longer involved with the VA.

In 2006 I joined with Aleksi Saarinen and Lauri Rantanen because they were in the process of getting permission to start a virtual airline from the real Blue1. We soon discovered that another group was also trying to build a virtual Blue1 and so we merged our efforts. The original team consisted of Aleksi, Lauri, myself and Jaakko Rissanen and we opened our website in March of 2007. We operated successfully for about a year before we started running into difficulties with our online PIREP system and at the same time, several key members left the VA for various reasons. Finally we were forced to close in 2008 until the website could be completely overhauled and the online services fixed.

Now, we reopen with a brand new website and I look forward to many fun Blue1 virtual flights. If you are interested in joining our VA, please keep an eye on our website for news (the site is in Finnish but, within the VA, support will be given in either Finnish or English). We expect to open recruitment within a few days, after we have finished testing our PIREP systems.


PS. You will notice from our site that the position of MD90 group leader is currently not filled. If you are interetsed in joining the VA and you are an experienced MD80/90 sim-pilot, you are invited to contact me about the position if it is of interest...

Tomorrow at 12:00 (UTC) we will open our first pilot recruitment. The registration page can be found on our website ( under "Lentäjähaku".

Currently the pages and pilot materials are only in finnish so a certain degree of understanding of the language is required if you wish to join.

Geoff Cooper / Virtual Blue1

The pilot recruiting area is now open! Join us by following this link.

Welcome to Virtual Blue1.

Geoff Cooper

Is there no information available in English?


Is there no information available in English?

Basically the site and all the pilot materials are in Finnish. However, with the exception of the "airline operations guide", many of the materials are our translations of documents which are freely downloadable in english (such as the ARJ panel guide and procedures). Furthermore, all checklists and speedbooks are actually in english.

I decided when rebuilding the VA and website to use finnish as the main language simply because the majority of interested people will be finnish or at least will be able to understand some basic finnish. I would say that with some basic understanding of finnish, you would be able to operate within our VA. I am english myself and I don't pretend to be particularly fluent in finnish (especially writing so the site has been a real challenge!) and can provide support in english, as well as links to the documents referred to above...

At some point in the future, I would like to write a dual-language site so the user could choose between english or finnish but for the time being I am concentration on getting the VA up and running...




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