What callsign to use on IVAO

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My name is Frans van Zantbeek from the Netherlands.
I joined your wonderfull well established VA.
I can say from my online fly experience (more then 5000hrs on IVAO) that your website is outstanding.

I fly most every day but I do not know what callsign to use on IVAO.
CL and CAL gives me a chinese VA?
CLS gives me a unknow operator?
Any sugestions or help from you will be appreciated

Best Regards and hope to see some of you on IVAO

Frans van Zantbeek CL219


You can fly with any callsign you like. If you wanna use some exact callsign like "Finnair" you should connect as FIN123 for example. In case the callsign is "Uknown operator" then it's not registered to IVAO. So if you wanna use your VA callsign (CLS?) it has to be registered in IVAO before the ATC can see the correct callsign. Before that your callsign will just be "Charlie Lima Sierra".  You can also put into the other information section of your flightplan a remark "CALLSIGN/Finnair".

Hei Frans,

first of all I would like to welcome you on board  I'm very pleased to hear that you're an active Pilot on IVAO...

Jerome is correct, the ColourAir Callsign on IVAO is CLS... the problem with this "unknown Operator" is indeed a
bit confusing, and it annoys me every time... 
We really should get it fixed. Our MTL uses also CLS.

Some of us use the old Callsign "CLA"... but that is not really our Callsign. It seems IVAO messed up between the "real" ColorAir and our ColourAirVA...

Maybe Gregor can help us here!? 

I wish you a really good start here and always three greens 

Just sent a mail to IVAO Headquarters... Hope this gets fixed asap



Actually it's quite useless because usual ATC can see your callsign in his screen.


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