SAS 737NG's - operations with center tank fuels?

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Hello, and my apologies from using English. My Swedish is kind of rusty, but I'm working on it 

And moderators can freely transfer this topic to the English-side or simulator-side or both if they see it necessary, just thought that people here at Swedish-side would have more aknowledge about this particular question I have for you.

So, it's about SAS 737NG's and their procedures with center tanks when they have some fuel in that tank.

Do they run the center tank all the way down to "low pressure"-lights, or is there the requirement of ~500kg to be left in there with SAS's 73G's? Do they have the possibility to run the center tanks until low pressure on all of the 737's, or just in some of them? (E.g. on 700 and 800 only, sometimes there's need to load something to the center even on the 600-flights, maybe there's huge amount of reserves or maybe 600 replaces on some holiday-flight)

Hopefully you understand my question, this is kind of 'trivia'-question but as a simulator-pilot I'm just interested to know if there's some info from the operators of the "real thing" 

Tack för svarar och god juletid till alla 

All B737 requires 500 Kg left in the center tank at all times.
This is to prevent the risk of fuel ignition/explosion caused by an electric tank fuel pump running dry.


There's so-called NGS (Nitrogen generation system) on some 737NG's which generates nitrogen into the fuel tank when the fuel is burned off in order to prevent the potential for any kind of explosions as you mentioned.
Are SAS's 737NG's equipped with this or some kind of different system to prevent the explosions and making it unnecessary to carry the extra fuel onboard?

Otto, check the pics in THIS POSTING from another forum. A jumpseat ride with SAS 737-700, LN-RRB. Several pics show the upper EICAS with CENTER TANK readings of a big whoppiin' 0 -ZERO- on. 


I effekt nu:

"For ground operation, center tank fuel pump switches must not be positioned to "ON" unless the center tank fuel quantity exceeds 1,000 pounds (453 kilograms), except when defueling or transferring fuel.

Center tank fuel pump switches must be positioned to "OFF" when both center tank fuel pump low pressure lights illuminate.

Center tank fuel pumps must not be "ON" unless personnel are available in the flight deck to monitor low pressure lights."



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