Last flights to Bangkok with MD11 (PMDG MD11/IVAO/Finnair)


Good evening!

I posted this story to finnish side few moths ago and now I decided to post this to here. Flight was flown at 14.10.2009 and story was written on same day so don't be surprised about strange tenses.

Today our destination was Thailand and Bangkok where we are going to go with callsign Finnair 95. The plane was fourth time for me in a row OH-LGF so it's almost like second home to me....

Todays flight will go from Helsinki cross the Gulf of Finland, via Tallin towards the Caspian Sea. From there we'll continue above Kabul of Turkmeinstan and from there cross Afghanistan trough all the way to Bangkok via Pakistan and India.

We are expecting little crosswind, well, it's about tailwind, and we are also expecting very high ground speed. There are no significant weather conditions expected at Bangkok.

-N0482F310 DOBAN UL855 NOTAR/K0892S1010 R58 TU R11 UK B231 TE R364 UUOO R120 UP
A87 TIROM/K0888F350 A87 KEKAL N644 ABDAN B371 LEMOD/N0478F350 N644 DI A466
-EET/EETT0019 ULOL0030 UUWV0049 URRV0204 UATE0239 UTAK0329 UTAA0358 OAKX0443
OPLR0529 VIDF00603 VECF0714 VGFR0749 VECF0802 VYYF0827 VTBB0929 REG/OHLGF

And you can see the masses of our flight below...

... that I'm going to repeat here:

ZFM: 167,8 tons
Payload: 43,8 tons
FOB: 86 tons
TOM: 253,1 tons (700 kg will be spent on taxi to runway)
TOCG: 24,2
ZFMCG: 22,0

And fuel:

TAXI           000700  0010
TRIP           070663  0958
RESV          003232  0030
ALTN          001696  0015
EXTRA        005000  0046
CONT(CF5) 003760  0034
TOTAL        085051  1213

And then we'll check our weather:

EFHK 142020Z 01012KT CAVOK M00/M06 Q1027 NOSIG=
VTBS 141500Z 17003KT 9999 FEW020 SCT120 BKN300 28/24 Q1012 NOSIG=

TAF EFHK 141430Z 1415/1515 02015G25KT CAVOK PROB30 1503/1506 BKN009=

There are no any significant 30% propability there will be Broken at 900ft. S you can see we don't have TAF yet to VTBS and that caused a little broblem but I'm going to tell about it later.

And if we are tlaked now enough we can go to pictures:

Aircraft is at Helsinki-Vantaa airport gate 33 and clock is 23:02 local time.

Setting up CDU for flight.

And actually we could take take-off briefing next. 

Aircraft is at gate 33 where we could expect push-back towards southwest. From there we could taxi via AV, AH and Z to ZS holding point of runway 04R.

Take-off will be executed with Dial-a-Flap setting 25 and packs off so we can flex (reduced takeoff thust setting) to 42 degrees of celsius (We cheat the CDU so it thinks outside air temperatude is 42 degrees of celsius so it gives less power which saves the engines) and V-speeds: V1: 164kts, VR: 165kts and V2: 174kts. Take-off trimm setting will be 6,6 ANU(=Aircraft Nose Up).

From runway 04R we'll continue with DOBAN 2H Standard Instrument Departure route which is runway track untill 5 DME from HEL VOR where we should be at least 730 feet. From there we'll turn right to intercept PVO VOR radial 287 inbound. We'll follow that radial untill 5 DME from PVO where we'll turn again to right to intercept PVO radial 222 outbound which we'll follow to DOBAN. MSA(=minimum safe altitude) is 1800ft. In case of engine failure after V1we'll continue with runway track untill we have 1700ft and then we'll turn right and join PVO holding to expect instructions for futher acts. And also we roll 1700 to PFD to remember we about that altitude.

About ready for push-back

Starting engine number three..

After push-back we perfored flight controls checkb.


"Finnair 95, winds 010 degrees, 12 knots, cleared to takeoff runway 04R"

Right clear


V1, Rotate

We got a heading 180 from Helsinki Radar.

And actually very soon we got DCT GONOS.

Reaching óut first flight level 310.

And now stepping to flight level 1010 meters.

And few hours later to 350.

Sun is going to rise!

Somewhere in India.

Wingview, sorry 

VTBS 150430Z 12003KT 360V170 9999 FEW018CB SCT045 BKN110 31/24 Q1012 CB SE NOSIG=

At Bangkok was winds turned 180 degrees and we have to chang flightplan from "DCT GIPSY GIPSY1B" to "DCT ARNOS ARNOS1B"

So, from ARONS we'll follow ARONS1B Standard Terminal Arrival Route which starts from ARONS where speed is MAX 240 kts.  From ther we'll continue towards SHITA where we must be at least 9000 feet. Next will be BS531 where at least 7000 feet and via MAGEN (speed max 210 kts) and ROBIN to ILS approach runway 19R. MSA is 1500ft and if needed holding at ARONS, inbound leg track 105 with one minute leg and left turns. Maximum speed is 240kts.

IAF (Inital Approach Fix)of ILS 19R is ROBBY and we should be at 2000 feet at REGAL but we got some very stange clearence from ATC to start ILS from 3000 feet... ILS have normal three degrees glide slope and minimums are 210 BARO. In case  of go-around we follow runway track untill SVB where we'll intercept SVB radial 215 outbound which we'll follow to 7 DME where ve join to holding. MSA is 2300ft for go-around.

V-speeds VAPP: 153 kts and VREF: 148 kts

After landing we'll expect exiting via E13 or E15. From there we'll taxi via E and D6 to gate E6.

Approaching Top of Descent.

We are going down!

"Finnair 95, descent to 3000ft, via arrival route, cleared ILS 19R, report localizer established"

Actaully quite starange speed rule we have to set langing flaps to 35 already before glide slope because speed is must to be 160 before glide slope capture and VAPP was that 153 kts....

Autopilot off. ATS is still on.

ATS off, "LAND" PAPIs are again little tilted to glideslope...


About light plane is nice to taxi.

We shuted down engine number two as we was still taxiing.

And then we may power off all systems.

FLight time was 9 hours and 43 minutes and we spent fair 75 tons of fuel.

Thanks for watching and comments are welcome!

P.S. Disregard those Differential brake messages. It's some kind of bug. It's comes aboute every time when I take a screen shot when flying with MD11...

Thanks for sharing your flight with us. Nice pictures. I love to fly the PMDG AY MD-11 in and out of EFHK in FS9.

Anders Nilsson

Hello Santeri !
This was a very interesting report for me, because i very soon wil take a real flight with FINNAIR 95 ! I live in Oslo - Norway and i wil visit Thailand for my 12 th time in the end of january. And i have never changed plane in Helsinki before, but manny times in Moscow. Of course, we have Thai flying from OSL to BKK direct every day, but to a expensiver price. So this time - Finnair happend to have the cheapest ticket price ! As an eager ATC enthusiast for manny years, i always follow my planes flight during the night. And so i have some questions for you :

1. The flightplan for FIN 95 EFHK - VTBS you are showing, is that very close to the most common real flightplan, Finnair is using for this flight ?

2. In Moscow FIR, airway B231 seems to be available only for northbound flights, regarding to the latest version on RUSSIA AIP. But i have an enroute chart valid from 09 JULY 08 (issued by European Aeronautical Group) on this chart airway B231 is shown available on both ways !

2. On internet,website RouteFinder (on generate a flightplan EFHK - VTBS wich goes farther to the east after departure from EFHK (using a SID via PVO and further via UL24 to GOGLA, R30 to KOLPI inside SANKT PETERSBURG FIR and so on)

3. But in FINLAND AIP, i look departures going to the south /east - all have dep via DOBAN, so i think the flightplan you are showing, is the most common maybe ?

Do you have any sugestions about this ?

Best regards from Tom Vidar Pedersen


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