Aerosoft Scandinavian Airports 1 FS2004 vs Norwegian Airports-HELP-


Hello everyone! As a proud pilot flying in Scandinavia I have "Scandinavian Airports 1" from Aerosoft and, also, the free package "Norwegian Airports" because both of them are expecially well done for their relative parts that are covering.
Now here's my question:
Since both of these packages has ENGM (Gardermoen) aiport a conflict rises bethween there two to fix it?
Is there a way to cancel only "norwegian airports package" files regarding ENGM so to keep running all others norwegian airports but ENGM and make Aerosoft one to take over completly?

Thank you for your help.
Lorenzo Chiovaro

Maybe this topic has already been discussed in Swedish but I can't speak that language...with my big regret...


I do not have any of those two installed, but deactivating Norway Airports ENGM would be easy I believe.
Go into Norway Airports install folder and delete all .BGL files that have  ENGM in the name and you should be fine.

Maybe someone who actually have it installed can be of further assistance.



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