Jetlantic looking for Chief Pilot


Dear all

Jetlantic Virtual Airways is currently looking for someone to take on the role of Chief Pilot. The person must fill the following requirements:

18 years of age or older
good knowledge of English
good communication skills
substantial experience with Flight Simulator
substantial experience and knowledge of online flying
substantial knowledge of the aircraft types operated by Jetlantic
substantial knowledge of flight planning and operations
availability of time to deal with management of the airline

This is the basic description of the role of Chief Pilot as detailed on our website:

cooperation in the general management of the airline
representing the airline before IVAO and VATSIM
overseeing of the airline's online flying activities
organization of online flying events
orientation and counseling of pilots on line flying
identification and reporting of operational problems faced by pilots
recommendation of awards for pilots
identification and reporting of any disputes involving airline's pilots

Any interested candidates may put their questions or request an application form from the Flight Operations Department through the following email address:

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