7 mars: Arlanda Realtime 2010

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Martin Loxbo:

VACCSCA has the pleasure to invite you all to a major event this spring – ESSA Real-time on the 7th of March 2010!
Between 1500z and 2200z you will have the benefit of fully staffed ATC positions at ESSA, and the Swedish Center control, as well as the Center positions of Norway and Denmark who will give you full service. The neighboring countries - Norway and Denmark- will also have strategically staffed airports for your routes in and out of Stockholm.

ESSA is the largest airport in Sweden, and the third largest airport in the Nordic countries. The airport was used by 18.1 million passengers in 2008, with 13.3 million international passengers and 4.9 million domestic. It is also one of three major hubs of Scandinavian Airlines System.

Arlanda has three runways: Runway 1 (01L-19R), Runway 2 (08-26), Runway 3 (01R-19L). Runway 1 is 3,300 m (10,827 ft) long and can handle take-offs and landings of the heaviest aircraft in use today. Runways 2 and 3 are 2,500 m (8,202 ft) long. As indicated, runways 1 and 3 are parallel runways that can be operated independently of one another. Runway 3 is equipped with CAT III for instrument landings. The airport administration claims to be world-leading at clearing snow from the runways. Arlanda has a policy to never close due to snowfall. Heavy snowfall can however cause long delays.

Arlanda has 5 terminals for air cargo and 5 aircraft hangars. The number of aircraft parking places is approximately 100. Arlanda has been listed as one of the many emergency landing sites for NASA's Space Shuttle (most likely on account of its relatively long main runway).

Some relevant sceneries:




With all that said, only one thing remains, and that is for us here at VACCSCA to warmly welcome you to our ESSA Real-time Event – early springtime in Stockholm isn’t something you should miss!


Varmt välkomna!

Martin Loxbo:
Det finns fortfarande många flighter att boka!


Stockholm Arlanda Realtime Event på söndag 7 mars.

Varmt välkommen att boka flygningar på

Stockholm Arlanda Realtime bokning

Martin Loxbo:
Drygt 100 flygningar bokade och nästan lika många kvar att boka!


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