VATSIM [03.Mar kl.18-19Z]Göteborg Landvetter TWR Check-out



Christian Perschardt will have his Tower Check-out 3 of March kl.18-19Z, please visit the arport to assist with the check-out!
Göteborg Control will also be online during the check-out.

Information Göteborg-Landvetter Airport (ESGG)

Göteborg/Landvetter is Gothenburg’s main airport and the second busiest airport in Sweden.
The airport opened in 1977. Landvetter has around 4 million passengers annually, and has a
capacity for up to 6 million passengers. Around 25 airlines operate at Landvetter, serving
around 50 destinations with scheduled passenger flights, as well as many charter destinations.
There are domestic services to Stockholm (both Arlanda and Bromma) and several other
destinations, mostly in northern Sweden. Landvetter is also an important cargo terminal.


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