14 Mars 1930-2130Z: Oslo Control C3 CPT


Martin Loxbo:

VACC Scandinavia would like to invite you to Oslo next sunday when Anders Henriksen will
have his C3 Senior controller exam on Oslo Control. A lot of traffic is required, so join
us with a flight to Norway next Sunday!

Date: Sunday 14th of March 
Time: 19.30 - 21.30z
Place: Oslo Gardermoen ENGM, Moss Rygge ENRY, Sandefjord Torp ENTO and Kristiansand Kjevik ENCN

Charts, scenery and other information can be found HERE

Martin Loxbo:
Och samtidigt är det träning på ESSA med minst 2 APP och TWR online. Antagligen ESOS också!


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