IVAO UK | The Real Heathrow | 17th April | All Day


IVAO UK Staff:

The United Kingdom division of IVAO brings you the UK's busiest airport, and the world's busiest international airport, fully staffed on the 17th April, with some of the best controllers in the community.

From 1300z-1900z (1400 BST-2000 BST) , you as a pilot will be able to fly any of the 500+ real flights available to book flights which will be flown during those same 6 hours in real life! Whether you like long hauls or short domestic hops, there will be a flight for you.

Over 25 active positions will be opened for the event with many of them being controlled live from our Virtual Area Control Centre in South-East England. We expect a few real London TMA controllers to join us to provide the finest ATC available.

For more information & booking, please see the event web page : http://ivao.co.uk/events/117

During the event, we will be running a datalink clearance system at Heathrow. Full details can be found in the Pilot briefing guide. We will also be using a flow management system that we have built to help minimise the delays into Heathrow.

If you like to be number 6 on the ILS, taxi behind 4 other aircraft towards the runway or join a holding pattern with several other aircraft, then this is the event for you. Flying with IVAO does not get more real than this.

See you there!

Important Information
Please read the pilot briefing which can be found here:

IVAO UK Staff:
Dear all,

Over 285 flights are booked now, and remember the event is only 6 hours! That's over 45 movements an hour

You'd be crazy not to book a flight. If you have booked already, you'll regret if it you haven't booked another

There's still a great selection of inbounds & outbounds! Long haul & short haul.

Mad to miss it!



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