[VATSIM] ENVA Trondheim Værnes Fly-in, April 25th 16-20z



Scandinavian VACC would like to welcome you all to Norway for a fly-in event in the cold north!
Summer is approaching fast, and the snow is slowly melting away, but the weather is hard to
forecast here - expect anything from sunny weather to a raging blizzard!

We will fully staff the beautiful airport of Trondheim Vaernes (ENVA) for you, along with other airports not
too far away. Vaernes is an international airport, located in Stjørdal, about 12 miles east of Trondheim.
In 2009, the airport served 3,5 million passengers, and can faciliate aircrafts of any size. 

Aerosoft, and norwegian scenery developer Jo Erlend, has recently released a scenery for Vaernes.
To check it our, visit Trondheim Værnes X.

There are also freeware alternatives for both FSX and FS2004.
For FSX: FSX Airports & update 1
For FS2004: Norway Airports

For charts and event info, check out http://www.vaccsca.org/event

Hope to see you in Trondheim April 25th!


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