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Sehän olisi täydellinen joululahja jos se julkastaisiin nytten, mutta eiköhän se ihan näillä näppäimillä ole jokatapauksessa tulossa.

mato zxc:

Onko SpotLights asennettu? http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/files/category/15-spotlights/

En omista spotlightsia.


En omista spotlightsia.

Ei sitä tarvitse omistaa mutta se pitää kuitenkin olla asennettuna jotta bussin valaistus toimii täydellisesti. Rekisteröimätön/ei ostettu-spotlights toimii täydellisesti FSL Bussin kanssa 

mato zxc:
Jahas laitetaampa lataukseen.

Ei liene P3D versiota tulossa lähiaikona. Mikä tuossa lopulta sitten ongelmana onkaan. En silti ihan FSLabsin selitystäkään tuollaiseena osta.

Blaah, pettymys. 


What about the P3D version?

Simultaneously with the testing of the FSX update, we're also beta testing the A320-X for P3D. The main part of the work is done, there are no 'major bugs' remaining that are stalling the release currently on our end. A few of you have wondered why we have still not released it therefore, even though the FSX version has now been out for a few months. We are also a bit frustrated with this, however the reasons for the delay could be understood if you also visit the LM forums to notice what's been going on with the latest v3.4 hotfix releases and the issues people are having with memory usage and DXGI_DEVICE errors. We feel that there are still some problems with the current version of P3D that is available and that until the good people at LM have had a chance to resolve those, we are hesitant to release a product only to start receiving complaints for situations which are not quite caused by our software. As such, we're working closely with them to do everything in our power to help them identify and correct those bottlenecks. We'll do our best to keep you updated with our progress on it.



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