Oscar Andersson C1 CPT 6.6.2010 18.30-20.30z



Vaccsca welcomes you all to a CPT for Oscar Andersson.
The exam will take place this Sunday on ESMM CTR and we need lots of traffic for Oscar to show that he's ready to become a C1!
To help out you can fly to, from or over the South part of Sweden. So why not start on ESMS and fly to the north up to ESNQ airport (where a fly-in will be hosted).
Or what about a flight to one of Gothenburgs airports, ESGG and EGSP. Or perhaps a regional flight between ESGT and ESMQ?

We will bring you ATC in all of Sweden and do our best to give you service. So you're all most welcome to Sweden, hope to see you there!


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