[IVAO UK & NL] Heathrow and Amsterdam Airbridge | 28/08/10


IVAO UK Staff:

IVAO UK and IVAO NL are pleased to announce our latest Airbridge Event! We will be holding the event on Saturday 28th August 2010 and it will run from 16z - 20z. The two airports involved will be London Heathrow and Amsterdam Schipol.

All pilots are encouraged to shuttle between both airports to experience the ultimate realism & excitment!

With full ATC provided at both ends and enroute, it's set to be an extraordinary event! It's been a number of years since we held this event - so come and join us to recreate one of the traditionally busiest events of all time!

Pilot Briefing
The following is an essential guide for all pilots flying to Heathrow. Charts & Scenery for EGLL can be found on the event page.
The following is an essential overview of all the procedures relating to Amsterdam. Charts & Scenery for EHAM can be found on the event page.

Pilot Routings
EGLL - EHAM: BPK M185 CLN L620 REDFA (FL180 - FL230 all levels available.)

EHAM - EGLL: GORLO UL980 XAMAN L980 LOGAN (FL200 - FL240 all levels available.)

Further detailed information can be found at http://ivao.co.uk/events/163

See you there!

Kind Regards,

IVAO UK Events Team


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