[vatsim] [17th Oct 17-19z] C1 CPT on Sweden control


Johan Grauers:

It's time for a C1 CPT for Johan Grauers, the exam will take place on ESOS ctr between 19 and 21 local time (17-19z) on the 17th of October.

Sweden will be staffed up both at Arlanda and Landvetter (our two major airports) and you can also expect enroute coverage over Denmark and Oslo. So why not take a flight up north, perhaps a hop between the capitals of scandinavia (all within around 1 hours flyingtime of eachother) or maybe some VFR flying in the North of Sweden where the first snow just started falling.

No matter what type of flight you prefer, we have the airports and ATC for it. So you're all most welcome to Sweden and Scandinavia to help our controller earn his new rating!

Charts can be found at vaccsa.org and routes can be found on vRoute.



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