[24th Oct 17-19Z S3 + Major Airport Checkout]


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The check will be held at "Stockholm Control" (VATSIM=ESSA_APP). Stockholm Control is responsible for ATC-services to the five airports situated in Stockholm TMA with the Major Airport being Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. The others are: Sthlm-Bromma, a smaller airport located in the middle of the city with mainly domestic- and shorthaul flights and the home of a lot of flight academies and -clubs. Sthlm-Västerås located a couple of miles outside the city itself is also a smaller airport with operators such as Ryanair and Scandinavian Aviation Academy. Uppsala-Ärna, mainly a military airport and finally Eskilstuna-Kjula, another small airport with AFIS services only.

Charts, scenery and pilot breifing:
Arlanda: vaccsca.org/pilot/airport/essa
Bromma: vaccsca.org/pilot/airport/essb
Västerås: vaccsca.org/pilot/airport/esow-stockholmvaesteras
Uppsala: vaccsca.org/pilot/airport/escm-uppsala
Eskilstuna: vaccsca.org/pilot/airport/essu

For Arlanda the best scenery to get would be the "Mega Airport Stockholm Arlanda"


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