Rovaniemi 4 problem

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Hello there,

I'm having a problem with FISD's EFRO scenery. Trees are scattered all over the airport terrain. I tried different options in the scenery library but everything seems to be in the correct order. I reinstalled the scenery again but that also didn't help. I installed all the files that the readme says are required. With google I found one person suffering from the same problem, but he didn't found an answer. FSnordic is my last resort, i'm out of options.

Thanks in advance,


What simulator version is in question?

Sorry, forgot to mention. Simulator is FS9.

Are you using default terrain textures?

Can you post a screenshot of scenery library from the FS9 where EFRO and all other necessary sceneries are visible?


I use Lennart Arvidsson's replacement ground textures.


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