AFCAD files


Hi all, I have several Finnish Sceneries installed.The packages come with 'afcad' generated .txt files.How can I make an AFCAD AF2 bgl file from this txt. I cannont find 'Import' on Lee Swordy's AFCAD program.There is no 'install afcad execute program with the scenery.I have ADE9X but not sure what to do.

Any help please

The text AFCAD data is for setting up with AFCAD in FS2002. I assume you are not using FS2002 so for FS2004 or FSX, what you want are AFCAD2 files, they usually look like AF2_ICAO.bgl (eg AF2_EFHK.bgl) and are included in most of the Finnish sceneries you can download from the file library here. There is also a package here called Finnish AFCADs which contains AF2_ filed for may Finnish airports. Be careful that you don't have multiple copies of these files as that can cause FS to crash...



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