[18th Dec 18-23Z] Fly & See Santa 2010


Johan Grauers:

The time has come for this year's Fly & See Santa!

Our controller team will open up three northern airports, Rovaniemi, Luleň and Troms°. Starting at 1800 UTC we will staff all of these airports including enroute sectors (we have more than 15 enroute controllers helping us out to cover 4 countries) to guide you to the northern part of the globe.

Last year we had an astonishing amount of aircraft and this year we are preparing for even more traffic, so bring along plenty of holding fuel and your best Christmas spirit as we celebrate this year's Christmas with a grand event for all of VATSIM.

Since this is an event with a lot of traffic we strongly recommend that you go to our website (http://santa.vateud.net/) and read through the information there, and if you have any questions feel free to use the contact form there and we will help you out.

Welcome to the north for an event you do not want to miss!


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