FinnAero Virtual Airline a new competitor


Dmitri Glouchenko:

Are you tired of always flying the same routes the same colors the same aircraft types in your current VA? Now there is alternative!
FinnAero Virtual Airline is something new and fresh. FinnAero is an airline that has 4 airlines in one. We simulate realistically all Finnish airlines such as Finnair, Blue1, Air Finland and FinnComm. Fly ANY route of your preference of an Airline of your preference with realistic Aircraft and schedules!! FinnAero is operated within and provides many realistic aspects to your flights.

Our strenghts compared to other Airlines are:

4 Finnish airlines to choose from: Finnair, Finncomm, Blue1, Air FinlandAll realistic aircraft that belong to the Airlines+ MANY EXCITING BONUS Aircraft such as E45XR, C750, A388, B767, MD11 and MD11F, DC3, C46Real time flight tracking System ( Flights are stored and evaluatedPilots get SALARY for every Flight - A realistic financial Aspect to the flights!!!Airline PAYS for its Fuel - Realistic Financial aspect to the Flights!!Pilot's flight hours are automatically stored, and pilots get promotions according with their experiencePossibility to join FinnAero Staff to take extra responsibility in running the AirlineNo flight obligations- you fly when you wantTight Pilot community - we provide peer support to our pilots!Many BONUS Flights requested by pilotsPlanes require maintance - another REALISTIC ASPECTAirline pays Bonuses for extra activity!!Planes can sustain damage and even a failure - Are you up to the challenge?
FinnAero airline main goal is to provide all necessary means for the pilots to recreate and simulate real airline's flights as realistically as possible.
Our secondary objective is to create tight community of professional Virtual Airliners and make ourselves respectable on-line operating airline.

All FinnAero Flights are recommended to be flown on-line in either IVAO or VATSIM network.

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