Squawkbox problem?



Precis installerat Squawkbox och nar jag ber den starta for fs9 sa sager den "Squawkbox was unable to initiate a multiplayer session, squawkbox will not start"

Nagon som vet varfor? Forsta gangen jag forsoker anvanda mig av programmet kan vara vart att saga.

Martin Loxbo:
Från Squawkbox FAQ (som finns här: http://squawkbox.ca/doc/faq/):


18) When I login with SquawkBox, Flight Simulator 2004 fails to join the multiplayer session automatically. Why?

The most common cause of this is that you are running Flight Simulator 2004 with an executable name other than fs9.exe. Ensure that this is the name of the executable and try again.

If the problem persists you can disable the auto-join feature in the Advanced Options dialog. You will then need to join the multiplayer session manually. Read Seeing other Aircraft to find out how to do this.

19) Every time I login it takes a long time to complete and then tells me Flight Simulator failed to join the multiplayer session. Despite the error, Flight Simulator does in fact seem to have joined the session successfully. How can I fix this?

This problem has a number of possible causes, but it is most likely related to a problem with your local installation of DirectX.

Normally SquawkBox considers the auto-join to the multiplayer session as a required step of a successful login. So this inappropriately displayed error can cause your login to fail for no reason. Open the Advanced Options dialog and check the Do not wait for auto-join to complete login option. This will allow your login to complete successfully before the auto-join is complete, which should provide an effective workaround to this problem.

20) When I start SquawkBox I get an error that the multiplayer session will not start. What's wrong?

When this error occurs it is usually a part of a more general error on your computer, where the DirectPlay system in DirectX is unable to host any type of session. This can be caused by an incorrectly installed version of DirectX or more commonly by a misconfigured router on your local network.

This help page has more detailed information on how to diagnose the source of the problem.


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