Virtual Blue1 pilot recruiting - 15/04/2011 opens 1300z


On Friday (15/04/2011) at 1300z (16:00 Finnish time) we will open the Virtual Blue1 pilot recruiting.

The recruiting application form can be found on our website at We ask that all applicants read the instructions on that page carefully before completing the form. We will take up to 20 new pilots in this session and the recruiting form will be available throughout the weekend (or until 20 places are taken). Successful applicants will be informed by email after the recruiting has closed. New pilots will be expected to begin their training within one month of starting.

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Our training comprises the following parts:

I. Basic Training
- The basic training manual is for the King Air 350 aircraft and covers basic flight theory, the aircraft instrumentation, operating procedures, navigation, weather planning and radio phraseology.

II. Practice flights
- The basic training contains a number of mandatory practice flights and also a couple of optional flights af which at least one should be attempted. FSAcars should be used to record the training flights.
III. Theory exam
- New pilots must also complete a short theory test on the website. This comprises 20 multiple choice questions and the pass level is 83 %.

IV. Practical test
- As a practical test of flight skill, new pilots are required to fly a specific short route and record it with the FS video function. This is checked by the administration before the pilot can proceed to the next training stage.

V. Type training
- Finally the new pilot moves onto type training for their chosen Blue1 aircraft type. This comprises some further theory and practice flights.

Pilots should expect to complete training within two months of joining. It is possible to complete the training in about two weeks if you are fast!

Further details can be found on our site There is also a contact form on the site as well as our forums.

Welcome to our Virtual Airline!

Our materials are now available in both Finnish and English, so we are now able to welcome non-Finnish speakers to join


Virtual Blue1 Pilot Recruiting is now open. The application for can be found here.
The recruiting will remain open over the weekend (although it might close early if we get 20 valid applications).

Welcome all applicants!



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