Saveyour flights


Dear Friends,

since Friday i have a strange Problem. I am registert at save your flight. Up to Friday i could sent the Pireps to their Site. But now its not possible anymore.
I dont change anything.
I tried to new Install an mail to the admin, but i get no answer and i have no sucess. So my question: has somebody the same problem? What can i do?
For your help  i say thank you in advice.

Greets Arvid

Ho together,

i i have still this Problem.   The Admin of Saveyourflight doesnt answer. Neither Mail,PM nor Skype.
What can i do.
I do like this normal.
Start FS, Start FS realtime, Start Saveyour..,Load Fspax,release Brakes, fly,set brakes. So now normally it have to be recorded. But nothing. I gonna be very sad.
I someone has an idea or can say me what i do wrong, dont hesitate to contact me. I would be glad about every help.
Best wishes for Eastern

Hi push up aganin with one question. Could it be that sometimes it depends on an aircraft  that you fly ift it works or not?
If i fly for one of my Airline it works regulary for the other it doesnt work.
Greets Arvid


I dunno but it feels like you won't get an answer on this forum... 


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