[VATSIM] 7 May 1600-2000Z Discover the north



Time to discover northern Sweden!

Five different air fields will be open from 1600Z to 2000Z to give you both time and opportunity to take a flight or two as the spring and sun arrives to the north. Among the open fields, you will find Kiruna (ESNQ), Pajala (ESUP), Arvidsjaur (ESNX), Gällivare (ESNG) and Luleå-Kallax (ESPA).
We give you a splendid opportunity to dust off the old Piper and do some VFR hops over the beautiful scenery. On your way between the airfields, why not take a tour around Kebnekaise. Apart from VFR flights, larger airliners such as AirBerlin, SAS and NextJet operate there daily.

See you in the north!

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