I do not see reference to FSX in downloads.
Am I wrong or is FSX used by the minority?
Many thanks


Am I wrong or is FSX used by the minority?

You are not wrong. Most people still use FS9/FS2004 mainly due to the much better performance. FS9 has been available for many years and therefore the number of add-ons is greater.


Thank you Thomas for the reply.
I am surprised as I abandoned FS9 more than 2 years ago.
Today even a moderate computer is much more advanced & will cope with FSX without problems.
Now more & more products are out specifically for FSX but with FS9 added with lesser content.
Lesser content due only to FS9 limitations.


It was either Avsim or Flightsim that I came across a repaint for a Maule M7 230C
but the model had to be obtained from FS Nordic. Great, this I now have.
But, I then discovered, in my haste to have this excellent aircraft and paint job
I missed the info that it was only for FS2004. Now, all the experts say that there is
no 100% way to convert a 2004 to an FSX.
But, in the super Mikko Maliniemi package one of producer group Maule models  has a 
       'Tricycle'  undercarriage.....nowhere on the net can I find another of these models.
The FSX default Maule flies beautifully.....but I just can't take to tail draggers.....

So, Mr. Mikko and friends .....please, pretty please,  would you consider making an FSX M7 'tricycle'  ?


  I know if you go to the COMPUTER PILOT mags about 80 to 90% of the stuff is for FSX and CARENDO the one that makes the
highly detailed a/c don't show anything for FS9 anymore.


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