[VATSIM] New Tuesday-event, EKCH



We are now improving our successfull Tuesday online-nights at EKCH by joining the "Longitudinal Tuesdays" event. For Kastrup nothing much changes, since we will still try to staff up as many positions as possible every Tuesday.

But besides EKCH, the other participating airports, Milano (LIMC), Zürich (LSZH) og Cologne (EDDK), will just like we do at EKCH, open at least TWR+APP+CTR every Tuesday. This means even more open airports available every Tuesday.

Of course it is completely up to yourself, whether both the departure and arrival airport is one of the four event-airports, we are not enforcing anything at all here  just giving you more and better possibilities for online flying on VATSIM!

Hope to see you the forthcoming Tuesdays, first time this Tuesday the 24. May 18:00z-21:00z (20:00-23:00 local time).



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