[VATSIM 31. May 2011 1800z-2100z] Longitudinal Tuesday event



After last Tuesdays great success of the new Longitudinal Tuesday Event (50 movements at EKCH within 3 hours!!!) we are now moving on. Next round takes place:
Tuesday 31. May 2011 20:00-23:00 local time (18:00z-21:00z). You can expect full staffing at Copenhagen-Kastrup EKCH!

Charts for EKCH: http://www.slv.dk/Dokumenter/dsweb/View/Collection-344
Free Denmark scenery incl. EKCH: http://www.fsonline.dk/en/index.php?title=Denmark_Scenery
Payware EKCH scenery: http://secure.simmarket.com/scansim-fly-to-ekch-copenhagen-airport.phtml


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