Updated AFCADS for FISD scenery


FISD sceneries by various authors are truly great when installed in FS2004.
FinnAfcads contains all the relevant afcads for Finland.

However, some afcads do not fit in exactly with the scenery.
An example would be Hyvinkaa airport, where parking and taxiways and runway
do not align exactly with the scenery.
And some with non-parallel runways, do not use the second runway.
An example would be Helsinki-Malmi airport.

I am NOT criticizing these sceneries or afcads...here.  Just stating facts.
What I am asking the senior members of FISD, such as Mr. Sami Puro, or Mikko Maliniemi, is
if the Finnish afcads that have been updated by me - for my own pleasure in my own FS2004 -
would be useful to you at FSNordic.

In other words, as a sign of my appreciation for all the lovely freeware sceneries that has
transformed Finland into a nice place to fly - in my FS2004 - I am willing to share these
updated afcads with FISD... by uploading them into the library.

There are too many different authors involved with these sceneries, and I will be thanking them
one-at-a-time, in the months ahead.  Starting with Mr. Esa Sairio, whom I have already contacted.

I am posting this message in the forums so that I can assure each and every author of FISD sceneries,
that my modified afcads do NOT change the scenery.  These afcads make the parking, taxiways etc.
to fit better with the FISD scenery. 

Sometimes it takes hours to "get it just right"...especially an airport like Helsinki-Malmi.
At Helsinki-Malmi, which has two non-parallel runways, I have modified the afcad to use BOTH runways.
Now, in my FS2004, the numerous planes at Malmi use both runways at the same time.  Both runways
are active...using the Crosswind runway technique by Mr. Jim Vile and the ADEX editor by Mr. Jon Masterson.
If you've not seen Helsinki-Malmi with both runways active...you are really missing something!!

I simply wish to share these afcads and save the authors the extra time and effort it would involve
to update their afcads and make them fit their scenery more closely.  As I have just done.

This is my way of saying "Thank You" to all the authors, for their effort and time in creating these
detailed sceneries.  Especially the photosceneries created by Mr. Esa Sairio.  And others.

However, I have no wish to impose myself or my modifications on others.
And I have no wish to take any credit for these modifications, either.
The authors deserve the credit for the scenery they created. 

What do you say, dear FISD staff and members?

(Just one more detail: I live on the tiny island of Malta, in the Mediterranean Sea. 
Just north of the war-torn countryof Libya...which is a few hundred kilometres south of Malta.
These past months, I have often heard the NATO jets flying high over Malta,
on their way to Libya, or returning after a sortie.
Occasionally, one or two of these fighter-bombers make an emergency landing at our local airport)


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