Ryanair Virtual is looking for pilots!


Joakim Tångfeldt:
We are a new VA, already with active pilots and proper flight schedules being built as we speak. We have a custom booking and PIREP/ACARS-system, all integrated into our main website.

If you love flightsimming, and would like to fly with a VA to enhance your experience, but never seem to have the time to do those long haul flights that most VA's have? Then we are perfect for you! We emulate Ryanair's schedule, which means that most hops are only two hours of flight time, max! This means that you can log on, book a flight, get a couple of flight hours logged and stay active, without dedicating an entire weekend to it! Join us today, we are friendly and our staff is extremely helpful!

Website: http://www.ryrva.co.uk
Come give us a visit, we don't bite!

Johan Grauers:
Just out of intrest,
"We emulate Ryanair's schedule"
But one of your last logged flight is between ESSA and ESGG; a route not flown by RYR.

Not saying it's a bad thing, just noting a discrepancy

Joakim Tångfeldt:
Yeah, there are a few left in the database from the startup week, where we added random routes to get things populated. These are being changed more and more, the goal is 100% replication, more or lesss.

Keep in mind that we opened up only a month ago, not even that! ^^


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