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Title: FS9 CTD's
Post by: hralphbuk on 29.12.06, 14:46
I believe some CTD's are caused by more than one AFCAD inadvertantly being installed for the same location.
I once saw a download which scanned and highlighted those surplus ones, but can no longer find it. Does anyone know the file ref and where I can get it please?

Title: Re: FS9 CTD's
Post by: Geoff Cooper on 07.01.07, 21:16
This is well known to be true. If you go on avsim and search for "duplicate AFCAD" you will fins what you asre looking for. It would be nice if all CTDs could be so easily explained though - sometimes it's as if there are completely random causes and worse still there are some which are highly specific and you never quite find out what the problem was - you just spend hours re-installing stuff :-[


Title: Re: FS9 CTD's
Post by: hralphbuk on 08.01.07, 14:52
Hi Geoff
Thank you for the reply. The file was ref    scanafd.zip
Would not have found it without your response
Many thanks