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Rules for FS Nordic’s discussion forums

Welcome to FS Nordic and our discussion forums. It is a pleasure seeing you becoming the latest member of our community and we sincerely hope you will enjoy your stay. You must read through and agree with these rules before creating your user account.

FS Nordic provides online services for people interested of civil flight simulation and aviation. Our discussion forums are free and open for everyone. Free registration is mandatory for posting and personal settings.

When you register in our forum system you have to use your real name. You also need to choose a username for your account. The username will be used for log on purposes only, and your real name will be visible for other forums users in your profile and in your posted messages.

Please note that providing a false name will lead to suspension of your account.

The e-mail address you use when registering must be valid. After you have finished the registration process an e-mail will be sent to you containing the password and further information about how to start using our forums. You can choose to make your e-mail address invisible from other users, however administrators will be able to see the address even if chosen invisible. Please always keep the e-mail address in your user profile valid in case you lose your forum password.

All messages and membership data of these forums are stored in protected database. FS Nordic will not use any information provided by you in commercial purposes, or distribute it to any third parties. The discussion system will leave a cookie on your computer containing information helping the forum system to know who you are. Your IP address is logged when using the forum and this information will be only used in an event of users not following our rules.

The e-mail address you provide is hidden from everyone except forum administrators, so it can not be seen by robots looking for addresses to send spam to. We also recommend not to write your e-mail address in your messages - it is better that you ask to be contacted via forum’s private message. Again, this recommendation is to avoid the possibility of unwanted e-mail being sent to you.

Please note that anyone of our administration never asks for your password or any other information. Keep your password only to yourself.

All user accounts are for personal use only. You are not allowed to use other person's account to access this forum. You are only allowed to have one user ID.

Using the discussion boards
We want our forums to be of high standard. We’d appreciate if you spend a few moments on thinking what you would like say before you write the message. Please keep the language clean, correct and polite, and stay on topic, avoid foul language. Before starting a new message thread, use the search engine first to see if the same topic has been already discussed lately. See also the FAQ section and our website's tutorials.

When starting a new thread, make sure your subject line covers the subject of the message. Keep the message content appropriate to the forum you are posting in, and if you can not come up with something to write, then do not. Messages without any real content or only containing a few words will be deleted. If you notice you have made an error after you have posted your message you should correct it by using the edit function.

Our discussion is divided into four main categories; English discussion, Swedish discussion, Finnish discussion and Hosted boards. Language used in the national discussions must be the correct one for that area. Hosted boards use the language the moderators in the forum chose to use, these boards may also have complimentary rules, but these general rules do still apply. If any single board has complimentary rules these will be posted as a sticky post at the top of the topic listing.

If you choose to have a signature in your user profile, keep it within a reasonable size. In total, it must not be bigger then 500 px wide and 100 px high, with maximum file size of 40 kB. Please use only non-animated signatures. The contents of your signature, as well as other information in your user profile, must be kept appropriate and accurate.

Some of our boards are used for posting pictures, both simulation screenshots and real aviation related photos. If you want to show your creations, please pick only your best pictures and post them - there is no need to show everything you have. Administration may also remove unnecessary images as needed.

Not following the rules
Not following the rules will have consequences. You will be warned, or ultimately banned. In more alarming situations your user account will be deleted and/or your internet service provider may also be contacted.

If you are being contacted by one of our moderators, it is recommended that you obey their wishes and recommendations. Moderators are here to keep a friendly environment, so please respect their wishes. If you have any comments about the work or decisions of the moderators, please contact us via a private message.

FS Nordic cannot be held responsible of the contents in this discussion forum, and thus we do not warrant the accuracy of information provided here. All the messages represent the sole opinions of each individual author. Our moderators do their best making sure the discussions follow our rules but every individual user is solely responsible for his posts and behaviour. When posting a message to our forums, user grants FS Nordic a full permission to store and display the contents of the message in the forum system for unlimited time.

Forum messages violating someone's privacy or being sexually orientated, abusive, threatening or in violation of any law will not be tolerated. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Do not post any information you know to be false or otherwise inaccurate. Our moderators and administrators have the full rights to edit and remove messages in violation of these rules.

If you find something that in your mind does not fit in our discussion area or is in violation with these rules, please use the 'Report to moderator' function to alert us. Please do not try to act as a moderator on your own.

Advertising policy and media info
Advertising is not allowed in our discussion area. Information regarding general (free to use) websites and products may be posted within certain limits, but advertisement of any commercial products/services is not allowed, unless otherwise agreed with the administration. Also advertising of any kind via forum’s private message system is prohibited.

If you wish to receive more information about advertisement possibilities at our website, please contact our staff. Also if you are in doubt if some message you are about to post could be considered as advertisement, please ask us first.

For the representatives of media, please keep in mind that all messages posted here are the personal opinions of the author of the message. The contents or images of any message may not be quoted or copied outside our forums without permission. If using a quote from our forums, the source “fsnordic.net discussion forums” must be mentioned.

Thank you for reading these rules, we wish you a pleasant stay at our forums. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Discussion forum support e-mail: forummail(at)fsnordic.net

Last modified 23.08.2006.

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