New York Real Flight Event [2010.09.03]



Fly around the big apple - As Real As It Gets!
The United states Division of IVAO proudly presents the

N E W  Y O R K  R E A L  F L I G H T  E V E N T

This event coincides with the U.S. Open Tennis Championship. So you can fly for the Stars!


On September 3rd 2010 the US Division of IVAO is hosting a New York Real Flights Event
featuring a comfortable booking system with actual real world flights for five full hours, allowing
you to fly short-, mid- and long-distance flights to and from JFK - as real as it gets.
You can choose from a great variety of destinations and departures from real world airlines
not only to enjoy one of the world's hotspots and probably the most vibrant city on the entire
western hemisphere but you will also get to know the true promise of the professional ATC
at the N90 TRACON whose Controllers will be welcoming you on their scopes between 1700-2200z.


What else can you do there?

The US Division of IVAO will be issuing the Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award to
everyone that is flying more then two hours. Everyone that is flying less then two hours can
earn the award with doing two flights. Pilots report all flights on this reporting page accordingly
in order to qualify for the award.

What is recommanded to fly there?

We strongly recommand to book a flight as it is a real flight event!

You can book your flights Here!

Also every pilot is requested to know the charts and the arriving procedures to get a good traffic flow.

Charts can be find Here.
Procedures & Resources can be find Here.

Additional Informations

Further informations, Sceneries, the actual ATC booking and other important Infos can be found at


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See you around!


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